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Syzetesis – Rivista di filosofia

Syzetesis – Rivista di Filosofia” (ISSN 1974-5044) is an annual open-access journal of philosophy and the history of philosophy. It promotes a theoretical and historical approach to philosophy based on respect for the texts and informed about current debates and the latest scientific acquisitions. It publishes research articles, monographic sections, critical discussions and accurate reviews of books on every discipline of philosophy. It thus welcomes contributions to the philosophy of mind, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy, philosophy of logic, and history of philosophy (from classical antiquity to the present day).

The peculiar character of the studies selected for publication is not reduced to originality, as we know that originality only sometimes coincides with novelty in humanistic and philosophical studies. That is why “Syzetesis” favours contributions that aim at the understanding and critical discussion of themes, problems and issues of a historical and philosophical nature.

The Review is published annually in December.

The Journal is networked (“online”) and open access (“full open access”). It publishes free scientific contributions that are accepted by the Editors in the following sections:

- Articles (Articoli): are research articles, i.e. original and unpublished, submitted spontaneously or by invitation, which may appear in the miscellaneous or within a monographic section. Articles are subject to an anonymous peer review process (“double-blind peer review”).

- Notes and Discussions (Note e discussioni): original and unpublished contributions, submitted spontaneously or by invitation, devoted to thinkers, problems or currents that animate or have animated the philosophical debate from recently published volumes or ongoing debates. Notes and Discussions are not subject to anonymous evaluation; therefore, the editors are entirely responsible for them.

- Reviews (Recensioni): critical analyses of individual unpublished and original works of a philosophical or philosophical-historical character, submitted spontaneously or by invitation.

The copyright of scientific contributions belongs to the author. Contributions are freely consultable, downloadable and reproducible within limits established by the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 licence; therefore, the only two conditions for the reproducibility of contributions are (1) to make it clear that the text reproduced is taken from “Syzetesis - Rivista di filosofia”, (2) to cite the author’s full name.

The Journal has a Code of Ethics.

Published by ΣYZHTHΣIΣ - Philosophical Association.

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